What is Cookie Banner Generator?

Cookie Banner Generator is a free online tool for creating customizable cookie consent banners for websites, complying with GDPR and data privacy regulations.

How does the Cookie Banner Generator work?

It provides a simple interface to customize the cookie banner’s theme, colors, layout, and text, and then generates a script for integration into websites.

Is Cookie Banner Generator free to use?

Yes, there is a free version available for personal, commercial, or hobby projects, with additional features available in the paid version.

Can the cookie banner be customized?

Yes, the tool offers customization options like color, layout, visibility of elements, and text changes.

Does the generator support multiple languages?

Yes, it offers multi-lingual support to cater to different website audiences.

How do I integrate the cookie banner into my website?

After generating the banner, download the script and include the JavaScript and CSS files in your project, following the provided sample integration code.

Can the cookie banner be used on WordPress sites?

Yes, it can be integrated into WordPress websites using a plugin like ‘Simple Custom CSS and JS’.